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I'm Joao. I've been writing sitcom scripts since 2011, my scripts are generally adult themed, I love nothing more than writing banter and jokes which is aimed to be laughed at but you'll see that if you read my script. When I'm not writing anything I like to unwind by watching tv drama or sitcoms. anything that comes on tv that has an edge.

I like strong characters and sometimes damaged characters because they always have more stories to tell than others. My writing life is very relaxed I tend to write in five blocks a day for an hour.

I enjoy reading and writing new scripts on my spare off days. My favourite movie right now is "Wonderwoman" My favourite classic movie is Love Actually''

My Top Ten Favourite Sitcoms Are - 1 - Big Bang Theory  2 - Friends  3 - Everybody Loves Raymond  4 -  The Office (UK)   5 -  Brooklyn Nine-Nine  6 -  Curb Your Enthusiasm  7 - Silicon Valley  8 - Two And A Half Men   9 -  Mum (BBC)   10 -  Not Going Out (BBC)

I'm hoping to expose my scripts to more people and to hopefully make people laugh. Thanks for reading my profile and see you around the site.

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