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Ciao Bella. Wait, hang on.
Can I speak Italian? That knowledge has to be exercised on my bio.
Hi, hello, hey Bella, whoa! That's straight out sleazy. I'm Joao Nsita. My first name is pronounced Jo-wow. There's sadly nothing about me that's wow. Not yet, anyway. Wink wink. Now that's sleazy.
I've been writing comedy scripts since 2011. My el-scriptos are generally adult-themed. As you can tell with this frankly weird bio, I love nothing more than to write banter and filled with witty jokes.
Witty, you say? Has anyone ever described you as that? Sadly, not internal Jo-wow.
I'm hoping to be the Black Chuck Lorre through writing. Say what you like about that man, but that dude can make people laugh. As a huge admirer of comedy, I hope one day to have various projects on the go like chuck. Mostly because I want to be productive and I love comedy.
I also write drama scripts. I find writing drama teaches me the skills I need to form a better understanding of story structure. I'm a huge believer in trying to make my audience stay glued to their seat with exciting, edgy stories.
So with that said, I like to throw in tornadoes, snow blizzards at my characters in the hopes people will read longer and be entertained.
Damn, we hope your scripts are as great as you claim them to be or you're in for a huge embarrassment.
I like strong characters with obsessions. Not only that I always endeavour to write strong female Characters through my writing. I also try to write Gay voices in anything I write. I believe the whole of society needs to see themselves on screen. Get you, injustice warrior. Yes, Please, call me that.
Also, I'm feeling a cape. You've lost us—sorry internal Jo-wow.
As a new writer, I want to be tested. I want to be challenged. In everything I do, I want to be thrown a tornado. Why because it makes me into a more reliable writer. It tests me as a human.
I didn't mean for the tornado thing to mean literal because I reckon I might die. Yeah, God, don't send a tornado to the UK.
My writing life is very relaxed. I tend to write in three blocks a day for an hour. I wake up at 5 am to write. You could call me the Mark Wahlberg or Dwayne Johnson of this world.
When I'm not writing or possibly writing the world's most boring Comedy Bio, I'm an avid reader.
In the mornings, I read, Race, Political books - Last three books I've read have been, Reni Eddo-Lodge - Why I'm No Longer Talking (To White People) About Race - And, Akala - Natives_ Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire – And, Ta Nehisi Coates - between the world and me.
Sorry to go all serious there. I'm also an avid reader of Mills and Boon Modern romance.
I love a good romantic tale. Between two beautiful people just... Sorry, my mind wandered there for a second, Apologises. You're weird. Thanks for that Internal Jo-wow.
Let me get rid of this cough. And I'm back.
My favourite movie is "When Harry met Sally" it's a classic. If you've not watched it, may I ask most kindly, where have you been living? I'm also a huge Richard Curtis Fan. My favourite Richard Curtis movie has to be a toss between, Notting Hill and Love Actually"
I'm also an avid fan of American sitcoms. I've recently finished two series of Master of None by Aziz Ansari. Whoa! That man knows how to write. And I've also completed the wonderfully written Insecure by Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore.
You're right; they're funny shows. Okay, internal Jo-wow do you want this bio to be yours.
Yeah, I do. Okay so...
Normal me: That's enough of that internal Jo-wow.
My Top Five Favourite Sitcoms Are - - Friends - The Office (UK) - Master of None - Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Big Bang Theory
My Top Five Dramas Of All Time Are - - Breaking Bad - The Street - Life on Mars - Doctor Who - EastEnders.
So that's the old Jo-wow. Am I allowed to speak now? Hopefully, I haven't scared you off with my very strange bio.
It's been an enormous pleasure, and I hope to speak to you very soon, Cheerio. Where on earth did you learn that word? Me Evil laugh: I'm Internal Jo-wow, and I'm a bad mother--
Thanks for reading my horrid dating bio. You're free to swipe left or right (never used a dating app in my life) if you please, but I hope not—wink, wink. Yeah, dude, chill with the winking. What's wrong with you? Thank you so much for reading this.
Here are some of the scripts I’ve written.
Logline : A wayward son runs rings over a mother until he's brought down to earth by her new boyfriend.
15 minute Version – Written by Me and Dan Swerft -
30-minute Version -
Logline : After the death of his parents, Anthony tries to resume his dating life. However, an ex seeks to discover his real emotions.
Logline: A man is forced to choose between his lover and girlfriend after his secrets are slowly revealed, but could his girlfriend already know? and what secrets are his lovers hiding?
Logline: To win back her what if ex, Cary tries to enlist the help of her ex-boyfriend. however, she's just recently pepper-sprayed him.
Logline: On a blind date, A man struggles to get his mute date to open up to him.
Here are the loglines of some of the shows I’m about to work on.
A man faces up to the fact that his best friend might not love him. however, could the decline of her relationship send him back to her warm arms.
A mother to unruly teenagers hires a nanny to help change their horrific behaviours.
A feminist group of women invite a man to their group to liven up their discussions, but could those discussions lead to them falling in love with him.
Here are my contact details.

My social Media
Twitter: @joaonsita
Don’t be disturbed with my twitter being private. I’m a good guy. I just like my privacy.
Instagram: joaonsita

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