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Joel Knott
Brisbane, Australia

Joel Knott is a quintessential entrepreneur. Growing up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney Australia, At the age of 18, Joel founded a small Automotive Dent Repair business that, almost 20 years later, has grown into the international behemoth it is today. Focussing on large insurance contracts for hail damaged vehicles across the globe, his company employs people in the USA, Australia and Europe. 

Always restless for new challenges, in 2011 Joel started an online auction website. With television advertising slots already pre purchased, Joel employed a small Sydney based production firm to produce a 30 second ad. Ever inquisitive, Joel - who was not starring in the ad - watched, learned and decided somewhat naively that for the price, it didn't look that hard to film. In the end, the ad did significantly better than the business.

Tens of thousands of dollars of cameras, lighting and audio equipment later and armed with only the smallest amount of knowledge, Joel and a small team from his hail repair company decided to embark on corporate productions. Having a large network of business connections, work was not hard to come by. Producing a job to a quality expected by himself proved to be much harder. Joel recalls many funny stories of mistakes and failures, although thankfully they never completely blew a job.

Fast forward to 2018. With a host of corporate productions under his belt, Joel has decided to shift gears and begin filming not for profit short films - as an intro to bigger things. Joel believes that a great entrepreneur should know their strengths, but be acutely aware of their weaknesses. Script writing has proven to be one of Joel's weaknesses. 

Joel is excited about what he may find on ScriptRevolution, and would like to thank the community for accepting him.