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John Austin
Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

John is a 37-year-old writer from the United Kingdom. Having enjoyed some minor success several years ago with a handful of contest placements and the production of a short film script, Long Lost Father for the anthology film Follow: Tall Tales From a Small City (2014), life, unfortunately, brought his fledgeling career to a screeching halt.

Having spent most of his adult life as an unpaid carer for his adoptive mother, John is determined to overcome the obstacles he faces and try again. His love of stories in all their wonderful forms far outweighs the daunting prospect of starting from the basement level once again, and he approaches this new chapter in his life with optimism and a desire to deliver compelling, engaging and entertaining stories.

Additionally, John has been a frequent contributor to movie publications, including the books Hidden Horror and Dr AC's Horror 101 and the website 

He holds a BA in Humanities, including a Distinction-level pass in Advanced Creative Writing from the Open University.

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