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John Austin
Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

His adult life spent as a full-time carer for his disabled mother, John began writing as a means to escape into different worlds. He penned the short film, Long Lost Father in 2014, which premiered at FilmFest Gent as part of the anthology film, Follow: Tall Tales From a Small City (2014).

Having struggled to balance his caring commitments with his craft, John took a break from writing but has again put fingers to keys, writing four contest-placing teleplays in 2021. His horror pilot script, Demonica, was named as a Finalist in both the Los Angeles Crime & Horror Film Festival Screenplay Competition and the Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards, while his urban fantasy pilot, Guardian of Ash, also achieved a Finalist placement in the latter competition.

John prefers to write in the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres, and having grown up watching a slew of 80s horror movies, has a strong preference for writing female protagonists.

John is also a member of the Writers' Guild of Great Britain.

Off-screen, John has been a frequent contributor to movie publications, including the books Hidden Horror, When Animals Attack and Dr AC's Horror 101, along with the website 

He holds a BA in Humanities, including a Distinction-level pass in Advanced Creative Writing from the Open University.


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Guardian of Ash
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Scripts By John

When her cousin is abducted by a sadistic killer, an art student reluctantly accepts a mysterious entity's gift of immense demonic power but fears losing herself to the darkness within.
TV Pilot Crime, Horror For sale 62pp
Stage 32 - Recommended
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 10%
6 readers love this script
A mind-reading alien banished to Earth encounters a powerful new potential ally to fight back against her ruthless oppressor and his murderous community of extraterrestrial criminals.
TV Pilot Action, Sci-Fi For sale 61pp
WeScreenplay - Recommended
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 25%
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Guardian of Ash
Pursued across realms by the living plague that laid waste to her world, the last elf must unlock the power of a mysterious orb or Earth will be next to fall.
TV Pilot Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 62pp
WeScreenplay - Consider
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 35%
1 reader loves this script
When a troubled ASD student moves to a town with a violent history, bloodstone deposits awaken dormant supernatural powers she must quickly master to protect herself from malevolent beings out for her blood.
TV Pilot Drama, Horror For sale 62pp