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John Bias

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John Bias
Murrieta, United States

Award Winning screenplay/ graphic novel writer with over 10 years of experience. Specialized in the genre of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Thrillers, and Drama with a powerful style of storytelling that makes the action explode from the pages and keeps the audience wanting more.

Graduating from Mt. San Jacinto College in Menifee, Ca receiving my associates in Liberal Arts with the focus on Communications and Theater Arts. Accepted to UC Riverside for my BA in Creative Writing in the Fall of 2020

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Scripts By John

The Beast - Web Series
A kingdom is unprepared for a sudden invasion from a disfigured face savage that leads an army against them.
Web Series Pilot Action, Animation, Fantasy For sale 6pp
1 reader loves this script
The Enforcers
Two time enforcers are sent to investigate the appearance of a portal up in the Alaskan mountains and must fight off two armies.
TV Pilot Action, Animation, Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 37pp
1 reader loves this script
Inferno: The Series
Gateways to Hell open up with demons flooding out of them attacking everyone. In New Orleans, La, a disgraced U. S. Marine must overcome his own sins and lead his unit to close the gates.
TV Pilot Action, Animation, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 20pp
1 reader loves this script
Generation Killer
An assassin is sent back in time in search of an object and at the same time kill off an entire bloodline.
Short Action, Sci-Fi For sale 27pp