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John Daly
Saint Petersburg, United States


Being a songwriter for many years has morphed into screenwriting. After pushing music to the industry through CDs and then soundtracks for film, the creative stories in songs have turned into screenplays. After all, the music can always be part of it at any point.

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Scripts By John

Wicca Vendetta
A modern day witch has spirits of women tell her where their murderer's whereabouts are so she can avenge them, while a police detective tries to stop her.
Feature Thriller For sale 95pp
The Elevator
Five people get on an elevator in the present day and get brought back in time to 1943 where they become stranded.
Short Drama, Fantasy For sale 18pp
A mystical man is born of a miracle birth and grows up on a mission to bring peace through world leaders, despite a Christian agency trying to stop him because they suspect he's the anti-Christ.
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 90pp