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John Ellis
Reno, United States


Update to the update: The pilot episode is live! We'd love for everyone to take a look, make a comment! #webseries #tvseries #homeless #thriller

No Tomorrow The Webseries

Update: the thriller webseries, "No Tomorrow" I created is now in production! The pilot is in post! Here's a link to the website:

I'm a published novelist (“The Essence of
Humanity,” “The Hordes of Rage”) and produced screenwriter (“A Glimpse of Heaven and a
Taste of Hell,” “The Harvesters”).

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Scripts By John

NEW: rewritten as faith-based! A Christian truck driver, soon-to-be grandma and triathlete finds she’s the only one who can stop a religious madman from unleashing a deadly bioweapon.
Feature Action For sale 80pp
2 readers love this script
Winner Takes Dad
Rival HS football players discover they have the same dad and he’s married to both their moms. They decide that the winner of the big game keeps dad for himself, and wacky sabotage ensues.
Feature Comedy, Family, Sport For sale 97pp
1 reader loves this script
A hustler, living for the deal, needing something for a boost, tries an experimental drug, supposedly the "perfect" high - it's not.
Short Drama Available for Free 11pp
3 readers love this script
Silly Dreams
Take control of your life or someone else will.
Short Drama Available for Free 21pp
1 reader loves this script