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John Hunter
Orlando, United States

Former Peace Corps volunteer, big ticket sales, commercial graphic artist and packaging design consultant. More recently, I’m an award winning and produced scriptwriter living under the shade of a large oak tree in Central Florida.

As a writer, my voice is character driven, slightly dark and quirky with a dash of humor. My dystopian horror Baby Soup won the 2013 Florida Independent Filmmakers Contest and four of my short scripts have been produced including Companion Shop which you can watch here.

In 2020, I declined an offer from mainland China for my mid-budget creature feature Snow Worms - The one with an OMG ending and potential sequels out the wazoo.

Some of my work has been turned into quick and easy to read entertainment written in not-so-wordy prose. As a FREE sample see Zentangles.

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"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

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Scripts By John

In the near future, a young man finds himself the target of relentless advertising.
Short Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 3pp
10 readers love this script
Sarah Arizona
In the 1860s, a strong-willed young woman raised to be a bounty hunter struggles to find a better life.
Feature Adventure, Western For sale 91pp
7 readers love this script
Not So Perfect Romance
Hard times and dysfunctional romance help two young men realize nothing in life is ever truly perfect - A love story for the rest of us.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 98pp
7 readers love this script
Between Here and There
A woman trapped in an unhappy marriage finds her Mr. Right and the courage to change her life while in a coma.
Feature Fantasy, Romance For sale 72pp
4 readers love this script
An old school cop and his female rookie partner risk their lives and careers to shut down a dark and pervasive evil.
Feature Crime, Horror, Thriller For sale 94pp
2 readers love this script
V-World, S1-E1
Two real world police detectives are sent to a luxurious and sentient VR resort in search of a possible serial killer.
TV Pilot Adventure, Crime, Sci-Fi For sale 40pp
2 readers love this script
A concerned techie has a heart-to-heart talk with an artificial intelligence to determine its threat level to humanity.
Short Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 7pp
2 readers love this script
Working alone in his mother’s basement, a young techie makes a scientific breakthrough which may cost him his life.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 3pp
1 reader loves this script
Dead Man's Money
A dead man’s winning lotto ticket brings no good.
Short Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 5pp
1 reader loves this script
Reduced Profile
Demotion to Petty Crime doesn’t stop an old school cop and his female rookie partner from using excessive force and questionable methods to fight crime - Sequel to Priceless.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 90pp
1 reader loves this script