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John Iannucci

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John Iannucci
Philadelphia, United States

While in college, years ago, I had been offered an internship with a playwrite in New York through my creative writing teacher. I decided instead to pursue my first love coaching, but the ideas kept piling up in a notebook I kept.) Retiring after 48 years of championship coaching, I have decided to explore that itch I had in my younger days. I intend to apply the same relentless pursuit to this field as I did to my coaching, learning and getting better every day.

My second script “7 Days in La Suerte” was received well in contest and professional coverage, placing in the top twenty percent as my first ever entree in the Nichols and being a finalist at the Austin. 

Since then I have completed two television pilots (still in states or rewrites and bible finishing.) and two scripts. “Brother’s Keeper” that sends the hero journey into the “traditional western format.” And “Getme the Italian” that is a dramedy that has some structural problems I am in the process of fixing.

Once I decided to pursue this craft, I have explored every avenue (classes, books, videos, etc.) to be the best and can and, like my coaching, make somebody’s life a little better.


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Scripts By John

Brother’s Keeper
Searching for his outlaw brother for unknown reasons, a Texas ranger runs into an evil land baron and a widow he develops feelings for. Now, he must decide what is important to him.
Feature Action For sale 113pp
7 days in La Suerte
An ex-NYPD detective finds the small town of La Suerte that he escaped to in order to get away from his past isn’t the nice secluded place he thought it was.
Feature Drama For sale 115pp