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John Kevin Bell
Stillwater, United States

I am John Kevin Bell, some in the film industry call me JKB. I have 17 spec scripts to date with 3 in the pipeline at any time. I own JKB Studios, a production company in Phoenix, Arizona where I am a director and producer and illustrator where I am set to shoot my second feature film Tales of the Blue Ridge Vampires. I am currently in negotiation with equity investors. I have a degree from Oklahoma State University in Illustration and Graphic Design so it was an easy transition for me to slide into the film industry. I have been studying VFX for 4 years now and feel confident with Blender and After Effects. I took the advanced screen writing course at Pepperdine University and took the online course at Falmouth. I mostly write Sci FI that have a bit of a metaphysical shift to them. My goal is to have the viewer ponder and reflect notions as they read or watch. I have entered a few short film writing competition  like New York Midnight challenge.   I enjoy writing space battles as well and time jumps and portals. Currently I will turn all of my scripts into Novels over time. I am also writing my first true feature about a 9/11 New York cop turned Marine to go and stop the corruption in Abu Ghraib then wounded on the return trip in a Humvee. A fascinating true story adventure. My short film Prescott is a true story as well.  So I hope you enjoy reading my scripts.  Thanks  JKB

Scripts By John Kevin

A 24 year old male is in an relationship with a 43 year old ex playboy model who cheats on him with their German foreign exchange student.
Short Drama, Family For sale 8pp
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The Victorian Hauntings
A group of ghost hunters illegally enter a large Victorian home and run into a hell house of paranormal activity and serial killers in a hope to escape.
Feature Horror For sale 93pp
Terra 3000
An unlikely hero assists Mars fleet in defending Earths resources from a mining operation from negative aliens in the year 3000 and falls in love.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 90pp
Earths demi gods use two Humans and the Nephilim (Giants) to form a plan to disrupt the formation of a weapon of interplanetary destruction by the Reptilian Empire to save Earth and establish galactic peace.
Feature Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 106pp
Jump Point
A girl finds love while being hunted through earth's timelines only to discover how to divert planetary annihilation.
Feature Adventure For sale 104pp
A scientist life is cut short after he creates the fountain of youth serum creating a future entanglement of reincarnations to ensure the continuation of his life's work to get his karmic revenge.
Feature Adventure For sale 97pp
Little Round Top
An Army Ranger is teleported back in time to the battle of Gettysburg to assist the south to win the civil war thus altering modern society.
Feature Adventure, History For sale 96pp
A team of psychics shifts ghosts to assist the Earth of ridding negative aliens feeding on the low energy creating a positive flow to the afterlife.
Feature Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 98pp
The Sedona Project
Reptilians control the world’s leaders as benevolent aliens assist a group from Sedona to disrupt a hostile takeover of Earth.
Feature Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 113pp
Tales of the Blue Ridge Vampires
A security guard disrupts a plan after a 100 year old insane asylum run by a patriarch vampire is converted over to a 5 star resort feeding fest.
Feature Horror In development 118pp