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John Kevin Bell
Stillwater, United States

I am John Kevin Bell, some in the film industry call me JKB. I have 17 spec scripts to date with 3 in the pipeline at any time. I own JKB Studios, a production company in Stillwater OKlahoma where I am a director and producer and illustrator where I am set to shoot my second feature film Tales of the Blue Ridge Vampires. I am currently in negotiation with equity investors. I have a degree from Oklahoma State University in Illustration and Graphic Design so it was an easy transition for me to slide into the film industry. I have been studying VFX for 4 years now and feel confident with Blender and After Effects. I took the advanced screen writing course at Pepperdine University and took the online course at Falmouth. I mostly write Sci FI that have a bit of a metaphysical shift to them. My goal is to have the viewer ponder and reflect notions as they read or watch. I have entered a few short film writing competition  like New York Midnight challenge.   I enjoy writing space battles as well and time jumps and portals. Currently I will turn all of my scripts into Novels over time. I am also writing my first true feature about a 9/11 New York cop turned Marine to go and stop the corruption in Abu Ghraib then wounded on the return trip in a Humvee. A fascinating true story adventure. My short film Prescott is a true story as well.  So I hope you enjoy reading my scripts.  Thanks  JKB

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