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John McGrath
Providence, United States

Currently finishing the first novel in a series of 5. It's set in the near future in the UK, the protagonist a woman who eventually becomes the Prime Minister as the nation mobilizes to confront the increasingly dire consequences of climate change.

Working on learning how to write film scripts. This site was highly recommended as a reource for this aspiration. My nephew in Toronto was a leader in their Film/TV industry (sadly, he died young). My cousin in Ireland operates her own film production company that often works with colleagues in the UK and Europe. When I have  a decent script I hope to have her read it and provide feedback.

Born and raised in So. Bronx, NY when it was a European Immigrant/Puerto Rican neighborhood. Played football in a gang league while studying Latin and Greek as a scholarship student at a private Manhattan high school. My French and religion teacher was a card carrying member of the French Communist Party. Dated a Mafia princess. My parents participated in armed revolution against the British Empire. They owned a successful business until all was lost and had to raised their five children in relative poverty. But literature was a big factor in our home. My aunt ran parties and provided other services for the intellectual and artistic elite of NYC.

Attended university in NYC, graduating with a BA and an MA in English literature. Also studied French lit in French, Latin and Greek Lit in those languages.

First real job was teaching at a strong academic private school in Manhattan, used innovative and effective teaching techniques, some carried over from my own grade school and high school experiences. Was offered a big job in "one of our legitimate businesses" by a Mafia parent who sat in on one of my classes. Fell in with a young rich crowd and had long conversations with some people in the news.

Traveled and met European relatives with unusual life experiences. Decided against want living my life in the bubble that was the rich and Ivy League world of NYC.

Hitchhiked across the USA 6 times, sometimes taking construction jobs along the way. On the initial hike decided to stay in whatever city I landed in. That was Tacoma, WA. Involved in arts and poetry center there. Ran an anti-poverty employment  program. Was elected to head up the local anti-war group, which included retired military intelligence officers who were experts on Viet Nam.. We took in many woman refugees from "youth culture" anti-war groups that were not good in how they treated women (reminded me of the SDS in Germany pre-Hitler). My mother, aunts many cousins, and sisters-in-law were strong women.

Returned East to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Worked with unions briefly. Taught in an experimental school serving high school drop-outs from the public housing projects. Developed a class that had 100% attendance (50% attendance was the requirement). The school effectively used the arts to transform student lives. Worked in Charlestown and So Boston during the busing crisis. In So Boston was influential in the successful integration of neighborhood sports leagues.

Needing a job with a pension (no inheritance) I became the Director of a career services office at a college in Providence RI and have lived there since, taking advantage of its rich arts scene.