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John-Michael Scanlon
Newport Beach, United States

A multimedia swiss army knife?

Digignite Studios (Dij•ignite... like digital so hot it's on fi-yah) was born as a bricks n' mortar studio on the Gulf Coast, primarily juggling the video production, motion-graphics/VFX, web & print design needs of local ad agencies & casino clients.

Hurricane Katrina then turned Digignite Studios into a "digital" studio that followed me to a new California home. I'm profoundly grateful for my awesome clients, who stayed with me in my travels, including a few fun international adventures!

Work philosophy? Making work my play and playing hard (okay, taking the occasional beach break, but darn it, then I jump back in and give each project my best).

I enjoy challenging myself by bringing new tech and new techniques into projects, intentionally holding onto a "beginner's mind." Fortunately for me, my clients always seem confident I'll pull everything off well, like some kind of multimedia Swiss Army knife.

Creating content for cherished clients is something I love, but lately I've been burning the midnight oil to reach the long-term goal that drew me to media production in the first place: developing film & television projects that creatively entertain... while hopefully helping make the world a slightly more compassionate place for us all to thrive in.