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John Wilkins

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John Wilkins
Nice, France

Working in a different area for many years, always had a passion for movies, another one for writing.One day those two passions came together when I took two screenwriting courses and read some reference books in the field.Do you want to see the result of that?Check out my project "Rose".Some may call it insane but never boring.If you read the first pages, i promise you´ll keep on reading it till the end.

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Scripts By John

A disturbed, rejected man will further complicate a love triangle.Blinded by jealousy, he talks to his rival´s agressive wife who tries to fight for her husband but something goes tragicaly wrong.
Feature Thriller For sale 110pp
Mess room
A jealous wife will try to fight for her husband confronting his lover but something goes tragicaly wrong.Her rival tries to bury the body but a former FBI agent is willing to uncover the truth.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama For sale 38pp