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Johnny Dinh
Santa Ana, United States

I managed to graduate from the University of California, Irvine as a Film and Media Studies major in 2019. I enjoy screenwriting and would appreciate to hear any opportunity for me to grow as a writer. If a movie is fun and full of levity, I'm sure to enjoy it. 

Films that I'm most interested in watching would be those which ensure that they don't take themselves too seriously; that is to say, the more lighthearted, the better. That being said, I can appreciate it when a movie tries its best to infuse multiple genres in order to cleverly subvert and/or commentate on the conventions audience members are usually accustomed to. In general, I tend to gravitate towards movies that have at least some element of comedy thrown into the mix, with genres like horror, thriller, and action also welcome. 

I think it's very important to tell any type of story one wants to tell for their own reasons; if you want to include a protagonist that is underrepresented, more power to you. And whether you're in the business for expanding artistic horizons or your bank account, your success should be measured by your tenacity all the same and not nepotism. If giving your character a certain identity makes him or her more enriching and unique, than I can support this action. Personally, I can't emphasize enough how underrepresented Asian American males are in Western media. One of my goals is to help start or offer a push into putting this demographic into a more demographic light. I don't want people like myself to only have martial arts stars like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan to look up to; pigeonholing a group into simply feminized nerds or unstoppable fighting machines leaves out the truth behind every group that Hollywood ignores; humans are humans with human stories. I want to write scripts so kids like my younger self could watch and see themselves on the big screen; its the same old story, but no less significant.  


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Scripts By Johnny

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Feature Fantasy, Thriller For sale 96pp
Snarl Kid
A young man believes he fell victim to the werewolf curse. The affliction presents itself in an unorthodox way, and his friends seek out a solution to save him.
Short Comedy, Thriller For sale 13pp
Breaking News
A local news network becomes a target for an attack by a psychotic terrorist. A young field reporter becomes resolved in taking him on himself.
Short Comedy, Crime, Thriller For sale 32pp