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Johnny Francis Wolf
El Mirage, United States

Autistic Poet writes a SCRIPT... 

Sometimes-Actor jacks it up with ON THE JOB EXPERIENCE...
Day-job Artist inserts a plethora of PRETTY PICTURES...
Whacky Music Lover adds way too many SONGS...
OCD Victim scribes such interesting ASIDES... 

All these things.   Me.  


Ranch Hand working in the desert, 3 hours north of Los Angeles...  Intermittent Textile Designer (idiot savant with plaids).

Starred in one Indie Film...  TWO FRONT TEETH - scary Christmas comedy...  Wonderful, horrible, acting tour de force.  Somewhere on Amazon and/or Netflix (excellent stocking stuffer).

Poetry and writing are new to me (within the past 5 or so years).  JELLY DONUTS is my first Screenplay. 

For a taste of the music within, listen here: 


And in case I’ve been too cute with my Bio...  READ MY SCRIPT. 

NOT 3 pages.  NOT by skimming.  As if someone gave you the script and story board for FORREST GUMP or SLING BLADE, before they were films.... 

My Screenplay is THAT chewy.   THAT epic.   THAT good... 

SUFFER FOOLS?  EAT HUMBLE PIE?    Not today...   


Clever poem below, sizes up the reactions I've received about style:


Screenplay thugs, pray tell me all,
of doctrine big and tenets small.
Abbreviations writ one way,
Headings, Slug Lines, Font... OBEY!

And still they vary, ask a Pro, 
he vows yes, while she swears no...
Margins this, say others that,
“I won’t read this, THEY'RE TOO FAT!

Would that Shakespeare faced such laws,
quill would never yield applause.
If so monstrous breach of rule,
don’t call it 'Script', BUT READ IT, FOOL!

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Jelly Donuts
A Student teaches. A Teacher learns. A plastic knife cuts good.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance For sale 295pp
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