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Joleene DesRosiers
Syracuse, United States

Joleene DesRosiers is a former television reporter and anchor who threw caution (and hot coffee) to the wind, and dove head first into the world of independent film after 10 years in local news. As an award-winning reporter, she learned early on what it took to tell a story. In 2014, her full-length comedic stage play, VISITING BAMMY LEWIS made it debut in Syracuse, selling out audiences each weekend. From there, it was no holds barred. She visited film festivals, took writing courses, and learned the art of screenwriting with optioned screenwriters and directors. 

Today she forges on, penning comedic series and features that not only bring joy, but unearth the secret parts of us that make us human. Her first independent project, STICKS (see below) is on it's way to film and television festivals. When she's not writing, Joleene is a producer and director at WPBS, a PBS affiliate station in Northern New York.

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