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Jona Doug (Jonathon Douglas) is a Midwestern husband and dad who enjoys the outdoors. He's a child at heart with a professional work ethic who's both a creative thinker and a responsible, punctual, team player.

A multi-genre award winner, he has a penchant for thriller/horrors of the Creepshow and Twilight Zone nature, dry comedy and faith-based characters or stories.

Jona recently finished writing on the feature thriller, Outlier.

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Scripts By Jona

Caribbean Cruise Vacation
A backward-thinking boomer must overcome his white culture-centric comfort zone when forced to take a black teen on a family cruise in place of his estranged son.
Feature Comedy For sale 115pp
Old Tom Snyder
An insecure man averts personal crises and discovers his independence when he goes on a search for his barber, upon whom he relies heavily for life advice, after the barber leaves town unexpectedly.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 32pp
The Blue Ball
A selfish man finds his better self after he sets out to fetch a ball and ends up between the powerful forces of nature that took it and the graceful submission by which it's taken.
Short Family For sale 27pp
Jolly's Sweet Revenge
A young black policewoman uncovers the roots of an insidious child trafficking ring, but not until its potential victim discovers his own penchant for a deadly sweet method of revenge on all involved.
Short Horror For sale 24pp