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Jonas Jay

I am a student and an amateur screenwriter based in Europe. I have an average ear for dialogue, I can write somewhat likeable and relatable characters, I have a very vivid imagination, and I find it easy to write about things that scare me. Combining all of those helps me write screenplays that make my friends laugh. I write screenplays because novels are too long, and poetry is too short. I would write plays, but I'm not allowed into most theaters, and I'm alergic to dust. My ultimate goal in screenwriting is to move out of my parents' house, but I woulde settle for a place in the basement. I secretly hope no-one finds the room with the monkeys who write my screenplays.

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Scripts By Jonas

Loitering - "Video Nasty"
It's Jason's first day at a new job, it's also the first day he's forced to dance at gunpoint, and publicly humiliated. At least his friends got his back. If they aren't taping his misfortunes.
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