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Jonathan Holeton
Edmonton, Canada

I've been an artist since i started painting on the walls when I was 2 years old. When I was a kid I would draw cartoon characters and then

got into doing watercolour paintings. When I was a pre-teen I would play around with my Dad's VHS camera and then when I turned 16 or so my friends and I would film on our Mini Dv cameras short skits that we improvised that were heavily inspired by Saturday Night Light and SCTV. 

Then when I was 19 or so, I moved to Burnaby BC with my friend Real and we went to Multimedia school, we got to use a 16mm film camera and filmed also on video. I of course acted in most of them cause I love to act. I ended up leaving the very expensive school cause I wasn't happy with the value we were getting, they were promising high end software and hardware such as Silicon graphics at the time. I ended up moving to Edmonton Alberta and started going to the University of Alberta, doing a Bachelor of Arts, major in Philosophy, minor in Drama. I bought a PC and got the Adobe software and learned how to edit and use After effects on my own and through tutorials online. 

While going to University, I would party hard on weekends and I ended up becoming a bit of a pot head and after my first Gf and I broke up which was hard on me I ended up becoming a heavy pot smoker and got into other drugs from time to time such as zoomers,etc. Youtube started up and I started to learn more and more VFX and Motion graphics because I was very inspired by Jurassic Park, Titanic and The Matrix at the time.

You could say Youtube saved my life, cause it kept me busy and I learned more and more about VFX and motion graphics and helped out on some productions as Production assistant and a couple times as a Grip. During those times I was a Professional Actor and was getting roles here and there, but not consistently. 

I then moved away from Edmonton about 8 years ago to my hometown of St.Paul and started my own company called MindWave Studios, at the moment it's just in our house in the basement, my dream is to have it as a Studio one day. I've been taking a shot at writing stories and been doing short Youtube videos. My Youtube channel is here: Glad to be on Script Revolution!

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