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Hi My name is Jonathan Lindgren and I'm a 25 year old man from Sweden. I’m very interested in performing arts, and I’m especially interested in Music. I’ve even studied Music and Cultural Entrepreneurship with Musicology as a major all through my high school and university years. Otherwise I’m very interested in everything that has to do with performing arts, like movies and TV series. I’m doing some acting as well. I’ve been acting in two of my high school’s musicals, and I’ve also auditioned for a few Movies and musicals in Sweden. My interest for movies and TV series came to realization during my last year of high school. During that time I began to think of different ideas for movies and TV series, but I had no idea of how to write a manuscript. In fact I’ve learned how to write scenes, actions, transistions, etc. by myself only a few months ago. Ever since then I’ve done a lot of practicing, and I hope to get more and more better at writing manuscripts in the future… So I’m definitely a newcomer when it comes to this. Most of my movie and TV serie ideas are comedies, whodunit mysteries and horror anthologies, but I’m also interested in writing other genres as well. As long as I got inspirations from Anime, Manga, Music, etc., I’ll try and make something of it. I have a great imagination when it comes to fantasy and creativity. I like to fantazise about different scenarios, and sometimes I can think of different ideas of using a manuscript. For example the first entry (short films) I’m going to put up here soon, it's a romantic short, have a storyline which I also recycled to a more sinister psychological horror. In the beginning I wanted to stick with my idea of it being a romantic story, but then when I was writing it I suddenly thought that this story can also work with a dark horror ending as well. So therefore I’ve managed to create a manuscript with a good ending and a bad ending. That's all from my presentation. I look forward to publish my works here!


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