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Jonathan Lucas
Tokyo, Japan

I am a retired Navy Veteran living in Japan.  I have been living in Japan for almost 20 years so their language and culture are almost second nature to me.  Currently, I work on a base in Japan and do metal detecting on weekends.  

Last year we found a samurai sword on one of our trips and posted the video on YouTube.  That got me thinking of an adventure story where our team searches for the rumored Tokugawa treasure.  So I wrote my first script with the help of the Japan Treasure Hunters team and the rest will hopefully be history...ha pun get it?

The screenplay is doing well at Film Festivals.  So far so good.

1st Monthly Film Festival – 3rd Best Feature Winner 2020

Buddha International Film Festival – Best Story Winner 2020

Festigious Film Festival – Winner Best First Time Screenwriter 2020

Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards – Quarterfinalist 2020

Silicon Beach Film Festival - Official Selection 2020

Chicago Indie Film Festival - Semi-Finalist 2020

Miami Screenplay Awards - Quarter-Finalist 2021

Thanks for stopping by and giving the script a look!  Have a wonderful day.


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Scripts By Jonathan

The Last Shogun's Treasure
Four-weekend treasure hunters’ race to find the legendary Tokugawa Treasure before the Japanese Mafia.
Feature Action, Adventure, History For sale 120pp
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