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Jonathan Peterson

I've been writing for nearly 25 years, but just recently decided to make this my sole focus. I've written television pilots, screenplays, poetry and children's books. I have supported my life-long dream (or addiction) of being a writer by working as a sales consultant in the Real Estate Industry, all the while blogging for several friends. 

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Scripts By Jonathan

The Great Quake
As an earthquake devastates the burgeoning metropolis, the fight is on for the heart and soul of the city of San Francisco.
TV Pilot History For sale 61pp
An Act of Penitence
A passionate minister and theologian in Germany during World War II is thrust into the limelight and becomes a target, as he stands against the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.
TV Pilot Biography For sale 57pp
The Vine
Across multiple timelines, three generations of a Napa Valley wine-making family struggle to keep the winery business alive against obstacles both external and internal.
TV Pilot Family For sale 62pp
A retired widow and Grandmother longing for a life of fewer responsibilities makes the audacious decision to fake Alzheimer's to gain her freedom.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 115pp
Expo Men
A suave, fast-talking man-child salesman, and a by-the-numbers family man, are an unlikely dynamic duo in the Expo Industry, as they try to navigate life and expose their inner truth in this half-hour comedy.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp