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Jordan Taylor is a screenwriter who has been lucky enough to win a few contests in 2020. Recently bullied by his boys into buying a little puppy called Buddy, Jordan likes memes, movies and talking about himself in the third person.

What about Jail Break?

Finalist in several screenwriting contests and Winner in comedy festivals, Jail Break is a Western Comedy feature from the final days of the Wild West era.  Written during the first month of 'lockdown' from an idea years before when life was 'busier', it's (hopefully) an enjoyable read.

What do others say (about Jail Break)?

‘The script is genuinely funny. That’s a great place to start for any comedy, and the humor really does make this script a joy to read through. Good formatting and structure also contribute to an easy reading experience’. Feedback from Screenplay Awards Network

'Pacing: The pacing of this script is very impressive. The writer mindfully uses wildly descriptive action scenes and suspense to hold the reader’s attention. The outlandish misadventures of the posse are unexpected and original enough to keep the pages turning. The humor aids the story often but doesn’t take away from the short, and necessary, dramatic moments.'

'Concept: The concept of this story is easy to follow along the way, and worth the journey in the end. ...The writer’s well mapped out plot and structure allowed the concept to work as intended. The writer’s comedic timing is at an expert level which is necessary for this type of story.’

(Feedback from Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards)


Coverfly All-time Overall Top 3% for
Jail Break

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Jail Break
Comedy Western. A gang of corrupt Texas Rangers hunt down reformed Jail Break con-artist (now used-horse salesman) Roy and his fancy German automobile dealing nemesis for the reward money ... DEAD OR ALIVE!
Feature Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Western For sale 107pp
Coverfly All-time Overall Top 3%
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