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Joseph Blanche
Houston, United States

I began writing my first novel, Angel in the Shadows, while I was sitting in a prison cell doing 99 years for burglary of a building. Hemingway said, "The first draft of anything is shit." The sixteenth draft of Angel in the Shadows was still shit. I was determined, but I was missing necessary pieces of the craft. I got a copy of Writing and Selling Your Novel, by Jack Bickham, studied it thouroughly, and revised my novel. It was accepted for publication by the first two publishers who read it

I've since studied screenwriting, and studied bestselling scripts in several genres. I have applied a wealth of street knowledge and behavioral science in my work to create character based screenplays and novels.

I have three complete  feature-length screenplays: Angel in the Shadows (Psychological Thriller) , Path of the Dragon, and Path of the Dragon 2 (Dock of Bone (Animation/CGI Adventure).

I am 60 years old. I live and work in Houston, TX.   

Angel in the Shadows was inspired by the Abduction and Murder of Amber Hagerman. Following her story in the Dallas Morning News, I used my behavioral science training, to create a profile of her killer. The clearer the description I developed, the more I realized that I knew someone who fit the profile--perfectly. Amber's killer was never captured, but I learned that you can live with someone all your life and never know who they really are...


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Scripts By Joseph

Angel in the Shadows
A young lady and a veteran combat tracking dog search for two missing girls and find themselves on the trail of a vicious serial killer.
Feature Thriller For sale 147pp