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Joseph Laramore

A dude always asking questions, settling into the solace that writing allows, to expand into realms of infite possibility and meet characters struggling through the mysteries surrounding them, burdened by failure, seeking a mere glimmer of hope, asking the questions that guides them onward, and perhaps tripping over an answer that suddenly seems so apparent, I must then wonder how I had not seen it from the beginning.


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Scripts By Joseph

In a small town, three women struggle to survive the night, holding to their humanity, as an infection transforms the female population into unstoppable killing machines.
Feature Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 114pp
3 readers love this script
Family Time
About to inherit a fortune from their great grandfather, five cousins must spend a night together and confront their past and future mistakes, as those mistakes take form, manifesting in deadly ways.
Feature Horror For sale 109pp
2 readers love this script
In the future, a network predicts an individual's chance of success or failure at anything. For a man about to lose his job, he embarks to cheat the system, discovering his humanity in the process.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 111pp