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My name is Joseph Muhammad and I am an independent film producer. My desire to make films started at an early age from checking out foreign and independent films from the library and watch them feeling that I belonged in those worlds. Since that time, I've had the opportunity to work with many very talented individuals and celebrities while gaining invaluable experience doing what I love.



1. Take the camera directions out of your script! Focus on telling the story, let the pros handle the camera moves.

2. In Reality: Producers, development execs, or script readers will only read the first 5-10 pages and flip to the last 5-10 pages (usually). Make something happen on those pages! Then the pages in-between will get read. If not, it gets tossed out.

3. Take the filler out. Be concise, yet powerful.

4. Cliches and gimmicks are not only boring, but also a sign of a novice writer and a bad script.

5. Perfect your dialogue. Go to a public place and listen to regular people having regular conversations. Compare their natural speech to the speech of your characters. If a woman if speaking, can I tell it's a woman without having to read their name? How about a child? Or a grandparent?

Hope this helps!

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