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Josh Bryer
Sydney, Australia

As an adman and amateur filmmaker, Josh wrote, directed and produced a proof-of-concept short called KINDRED. It was 6 minutes long, but took 2.5 years to finish (lots of pro bono work!) and involved 133 people (there were a ton of VFX). Released in July 2014, at the time it was the first sci-fi to star an all-Indigenous Australian lead cast.

It did the festival circuit until the end of 2015 and got into 5 shows:

- New Filmmakers New York
- Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival
- Melbourne Underground Film Festival
- Sci-Fi Film Festival (Sydney)
- Fantastic Planet (Sydney) - where it was nominated for Best Film.

Josh then secured KINDRED a 3-year global Distribution deal (Dec 2015 - Dec 2018) through Proven Entertainment in LA. Meanwhile - he was busy working on the bigger feature-length screenplay; and had just finished draft 4 when his wife gave birth. He realised he needed to hire a pro to continue. Luckily, he found Phil Parker - one of ISA's 'Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch' for 2018. Phil wrote 2 more drafts, the most recent of which has received 5 accolades:

- Semi-finalist @ BlueCat (2017)
- Quarter-finalist @ ScreenCraft Sci-Fi (2018)
- First Place @ Tribal Film Festival for scripts over 40 pages (2018)
- Top 10 @ Stage32 Sci-Fi & Fantasy (2019)
- Quarter-finalist @ Emerging Screenwriters Contest (2022).

But rather than make the feature-length KINDRED himself, he's looking to sell the screenplay and grab some popcorn. After all, if 6 minutes took 2.5 years, he'd be 95 when it screened.

And we can't all have an innings like Stan Lee.

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A man who refuses to face his past is visited by his future daughter, with a desperate plea: confront his childhood tormentors, before they kill him and enslave the world.
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