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Joshua Boultwood-Neale
York, United Kingdom


Stories of the social underclass/ contemporary urban bohemianism. Humbled and inspired by the creative talent on this platform  



I offer bespoke script services for independent script writers, filmmakers, and production companies.Tell me about what you're excited to be working on!



- BFI NETWORK Script Reader and Consultant 

- 5+ years' experience in script development and consultancy

- MA Scriptwriting (Distinction) at Creative Skillset-accredited Bournemouth University

- Freelance scriptwriter - THE BODY SHOP received a 'Consider' verdict at the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards 2016 (full script available in portfolio) 



Tailored script coverage, notes, development, and consultancy.  Development input can include, but is not limited to, constructive advice regarding story development, world building, dialogue naturalisation, pacing, and character analysis. 

Scripts By Joshua

Sundowners - Episode One - 'Sleight of Hand'
Disenfranchised by her difficult domestic and school life, Laura turns to the degenerate World of a bohemian homeless community, in search of somewhere to belong
TV Pilot Drama For sale 60pp
5 readers love this script
Cry Club
Entering an unfamiliar World where showing emotion comes first, Colin must learn to shed real tears if he is to stand a chance of Cry Club.
Short Comedy For sale 11pp
3 readers love this script
Arriving uninvited to Colin’s Mother’s funeral, Carol coerces Colin into dancing with her, delving into their past to reveal dark secrets, triggering a surreal sequence of events.
Short Drama Produced 6pp
2 readers love this script
Foot In The Door
During a one-week trial working as a chef at a chain soup restaurant, a naive graduate learns he must make grotesque personal sacrifice if he is to land the gig.
Short Comedy, Horror For sale 9pp
The Break In
Two middle-aged men attempt to break into a rural farmhouse without waking an elderly resident. But what is their real motive for breaking in?
Short Comedy, Thriller For sale 7pp
Quizzee Rascals
On the cusp of an unprecedented milestone, a tiebreaker question pushes a team of hypercompetitive pub-quizzing lads to extreme measures
TV Pilot Comedy, Thriller For sale 37pp
The Body Shop
Two lowlife, cannibalistic brothers have their addiction- and their fraternity- pushed to the limit, when a female city slicker moves in as lodger.
Feature Comedy, Horror For sale 120pp