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Joshua Jay Grimes, Aaron Mendoza

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Joshua Jay Grimes, Aaron Mendoza
Houston, United States

In life, if you really want something you cant be afraid, you have to go get it, Regardless of how far fetched it may seem, no matter how hard or tough life gets. When life knocks you down you get back up, dust yourself off, push through all the BS, all the pain, and all the doubt. Doesn’t matter what life decides to throw at you, you just have to believe in yourself, no matter what, you have to Dream BIG.

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Scripts By Joshua Jay Grimes,

Dream BIG
Three friends reunite for their ten-year high school reunion, after realizing their lives haven’t ended up at all the way they’d planned them, they make a pact to fulfill their childhood dreams.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance, Sport For sale 48pp
4 readers love this script
Think I'm Crazy
After two strangers meet at a bar, conversation strikes the two, leading to one of them admitting a very dark secret.
Short Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 13pp
1 reader loves this script