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Joshua Sommersby

Born at a very young age, Joshua Q. Sommersby was destined to be a successful and high-profile screenwriter. Never one to submit to the tyranny of predestination, he has bravely braved the onset of success by keeping a very strict and brutal procrastination regime.

Fickle fate, however, will not be dissuaded and will collect her dues. Cornered by the divine spheres, our tragic hero now turns to far-out ideas and strange concepts for his stories in a final attempt to stave off the inevitable success.

*based on a true story.

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Scripts By Joshua

Just in Time
A neurotic geek uses his time-reversing watch to woo the girl of his dreams.
Short Comedy, Sci-Fi For sale 6pp
1 reader loves this script
The Honey Caper
Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends Piglet, Tigger, and Eeyore have come up with a plan to steal honey from the Hundred Acres Bank, but things don't quite work out according to plan.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 15pp
The Floor is Lava
Three actors must act their way to a safe place when the floor of the room they're in turns into make-belief lava.
Short Action Available for Free 11pp