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Josue Fernandez
Bogotá, Colombia

Josue Fernandez is a screenwriter from Bogota City. Josue's passion for writing spawned from a desire to inspire people to believe in themselves. His most recent script, "Gongoro and the search of the legendary falcon," is a family-animation feature that shows the importance of trust and teamwork when facing challenging obstacles.

After being a successful executive in a software company for more than ten years, Josue felt the need to inspire people everywhere to become their best version. He found that, just as in Business, great storytelling is the way to boost humanity. So he decided to write captivating screenplays besides writing valuable code.

Scripts By Josue

Gongoro and the Search of the Legendary Falcon
After a natural disaster strikes his tropical home, a young falcon travels to Mt. Everest in search of a legendary hero to help save his family and community.
Feature Adventure, Animation, Family For sale 90pp
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