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Freelance writer, ghostwriter, and editor, including adaptations and localization work (Chinese bestseller authors in police crime/thriller and science fiction; one police crime novel I edited for English readers has been made into a film in China; another screenplay I edited [English version] had the final Chinese version win the Golden Bear award at a Berlin International Film Festival. Details upon request). I have also rewritten scripts from producer notes, and adapted screenplays to novels. Earlier versions of screenplays and novel manuscripts I've worked on have reached the semi-finals and quarter-finals at the 1995, 1996, and 1997 Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition and the semi-finals of the 1995 Writers Film Project. All have been rewritten many times since and retain their relevance (with input from original sources, with permissions).

Update: David Allen of Once Upon A Dream Productions options feature script “Last Flag on Oak Island” for audio production! (Other rights still available). Podplays (app) and at Audible  Apple  Megaphone  iHeartRadio

Most work is under ghostwriting NDA, but the below is public, with details on my role in them.

THE WANDERING EARTH, novel by Liu Cixin (now with TOR Books, formerly Beijing Guomi Digital Technology Co., Ltd.). I edited the English version of this sci-fi collection; released Feb. 5, 2019 as a blockbuster movie of the same name (https://pro.imdb.com/title/tt7605074 (credited as freelance editor, https://www.amazon.com/Wandering-Earth-Classic-Science-Collection/dp/148...).

GUILTY OF MIND / EVIL MINDS, based on Lei Mi's criminal minds novels (Profiler, Skinner's Box, Blade of Silence); I edited the translated Chinese-to-English novels for Beijing Guomi Digital Technology Co., Ltd., which were made into the TV series EVIL MINDS in China (2015-2016, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5733054/), and also the crime thriller film GUILTY OF MIND in 2017 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt7232860/). Lei Mi is showcased on Hot in China and Paper Republic's websites (http://www.hotinchina.net/index.php, https://paper-republic.org/publishers/beijing-guomi-digital-technology-c... I edited all the translated novels listed on Beijing Guomi's page by Lei Mi and THE WANDERING EARTH sci-fi series by Liu Cixin [listed above]).

BLACK COAL, THIN ICE, multi-award winning crime drama by Yinan Diao (Chinese). I formatted and edited the English version screenplay and worked from writer/director Yinan Diao's notes (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3469910/, uncredited). Winner of multiple internaitional film awards, including the final Chinese version winning the Golden Bear award at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.

CONTEST WINNING SCREENPLAY (Drama/Historical): Collaboration (as a freelancer, NDA, no credit). A suspense/drama that has won and placed in numerous contests, including:

2016 Screenplay Festival - Semi-Finalist Drama

2017 Universe Multicultural Film Festival - Best Feature Screenplay

2017 New York Short Film & Screenplay Competition – Best Crime Feature Screenplay

2017 Universe Multicultural Film Festival – Official Selection, Best Feature Screenplay

2017 NOVA Fest – Best Drama Screenplay

2018 Williamsburg Intl. Film & Music Competition – First Place Screenplay

(I was hired to write/collaborate on this screenplay and it has won and placed in multiple contests.)

Currently editing translated Chinese fiction on an English site, some by scriptwriters and best-selling authors in Asia.

Plus, my own script work, some of which is listed on this site.

I'm currently working on several screenplays, a few serial/episodic scripts, and books. Genres include drama, adventure, comedy, coming of age, historical, mystery/suspense, romance, humorous middle grade, true life-based historical drama and adventure, young adult, middle grade, and dystopian, the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it (TEOTWAWKI), and survival -- now finished.

LAST FLAG ON OAK ISLAND is a high concept mystery/drama screenplay based on Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada's real treasure hunt dating from 1795 (The History Channel's reality/drama series THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND features the notorious hunt). This screenplay is adapted from a novel titled LAST ASSAULT ON OAK ISLAND. An earlier version of this screenplay reached the semi-finals at the 1995 Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition and the novel manuscript and screenplay made the semi-finals of the 1995 Writers Film Project. Script has been revised with feedback from The Black List. This script is based on the novel by Jenn Rekka (Book 1 of her Rediscovered series). Listen to the audio production by Podplays on iHeart Radio!

REDISCOVERED. TV series based on ROOM OF FIRE (Book 2 in the Rediscovered series by Jenn Rekka) and later volumes. An earlier version of RoF (as a feature screenplay) reached the semi-finals at the 1996 Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition and the novel manuscript made the quarter-finals of the 1997 Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition. Adaptation has been allowed for both books, but are negotiable. The series pilot is complete, along with a series mini-bible and episode springboards for a first season

DEAD STATES (Remnant REAP), a YA survival/post-disaster off-grid series featuring teens (mini-bible available for three seasons). Pilot is finished.

NOT ANOTHER VAMPIRE STORY is adapted from a high concept, humorous middle grade/YA novella written by Sakurapu. This has been adapted as both a series (with pilot and mini-bible) and also as a feature.

THE GEPETTO PROTOCOL is a superhero/comic/manga/anime-style humor screenplay for five leads suitable for PG audiences. Current Logline: Five pop culture concepts learn they have ten days to become real or be lost forever after their last creator dies. Rundown: Colonel Max "Shredder" Schroeder is a soldier's soldier, a man of action and military savvy. He awakes in a field after his last mission with one thing on his mind: his next mission. According to the voice in his head (or chest), his new team is made up of Bobbie, Widow, Suzuka, and Crash. He sets out to find them. Five hundred miles, one name change, a biker bar fight, and one unpaid motel night settled with a wounded ego later, Max drives fashion doll Bobbie's Jeep of odds and ends friends to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo -- where they fit right in with the cosplayers.

GALERIJ. Recently finished drama series with a touch of magical realism, nine episodes for season one (pilot, extensions, and mini-bible are also finished).

Currently, I'm working on several other projects.

Scripts By JR Jordan

The Gepetto Protocol
To stay in the real world after their last creator dies, an actionfigure, fashiondoll, superhero, animegirl, and crashdummy—now flesh and blood—must find new believers or be forgotten forever, and get help at a comiccon.
Feature Comedy, Family, Fantasy For sale 98pp
4 readers love this script
Last Flag on Oak Island
An aging museum curator and his female student assistant go undercover to follow clues in a wartime journal to unearth a stolen British payroll buried on Oak Island before two rival treasure hunters find it.
Feature Adventure, Drama, History, Mystery For sale 113pp
2 readers love this script
Not Another Vampire Story
An embarrassment-prone middle school girl's life gets risky when she suspects her pretty older sister's good-looking boyfriend is really a vampire, and sets out to prove it. Thirteen year old Sylvia meets her perfect older sister Julia's new...
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance For sale 22pp
1 reader loves this script
Not Another Vampire Story
An embarrassment-prone middle school girl's life gets risky when she suspects her pretty older sister's good-looking boyfriend is really a vampire, and sets out to prove it.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family For sale 88pp
1 reader loves this script
Dead States
Small town teens struggle to carve out a new future after TEOTWAWKI events crush U.S. power grid, destroy most of the population and force them to live by their wits, without adults.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 55pp