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I'm J.S.Parker. A wearer of many hats, I'm  an author- novelist, music educator in  instrumental performance, music theory and music history. As well, I'm a professional singer, composer and a music producer. 

  Most recently I've been writing, having finished and published my second book , The Crooked Hand Tree written in my niche genre, supernatural/ horror/ fiction.

Before this project I also produced a book of poems, tales and lyric.called Dead of Winter. Currently, I am finishing two new novels simultaneously. One is a fictional psychological horror thriller simply called " Jack." The other is the sequel to The Crooked Hand Tree called " Raven's Cry." 

Scripts By JS

The Crooked Hand Tree
In the 1820- a farm boy born an archangel is becoming aware of his bestowed gifts. When an evil plague is sent to destroy him- he must summon all to save everything he truly loves.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 153pp