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Judi Blaze is a novelist, former print and media journalist, editor and screenwriter. She has three novels and a book of short stories published and many novels and screenplays in the works. She has garnered many awards for her short stories, novels, and screenplays. SQUID JIGGERS, a multi-award-winning short story, is now her feature-length screenplay based on the story. She has also written six short screenplays including; Roommates, Sign on the Bloody Line, Baby’s Gone, Stealing Sobriety, Your Secrets Will Get You High, Nightmare in a Jar and Soap. SQUID JIGGERS was a semi-finalist in 2015 in the Nashville Film Festival, a finalist in the Women in Cinema competition, and a quarter- finalist in the WriteMovies 2016 competition. Her short screenplay, Municipal Authority placed in the American Gem competition. Her work appears on several writing and screenwriting websites and has been published in some anthologies, and is on Amazon.com. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and is currently working on a novel and a screenplay.

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