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Judith Grace Bassat
Sacramento, United States

When I was called into the principal's office in third grade, I was sure that one of my parents had died, since I never had been anything but well-behaved. Instead, it was to tell me that my poem had just been chosen for a national poetry anthology. After that there was never a question of what I would do in this life. I went on to major in creative writing at Bennington and to write a book and play Goodbye My Fancy (not the 1950s one - book on Amazon - link to play on YouTube below - about the last months of Walt Whitman's life), which was "supposed" to have been produced on Broadway (both Charles Durning and Burgess Meredith wanted to do it), and later as a television pilot that was "greenlighted" (but also never came to pass). I wrote several other plays that were produced, published a literary magazine The Day Barque, became the editor-in-chief of the Italian art magazine FMR, was Anthony Quinn's personal assistant and worked as an editor and copywriter. But screenwriting is what I am most passionate about, although the most difficult of all to break into. My very first script Purebred about a dog show got a top agent through a cold query letter -- but didn't sell. Other scripts followed, in the comedy, family, dramedy genres, and, on my last one, Yin and Yang, (a bisexual romantic comedy), a producer (American History X) did want to produce it. He said "Any actress in Hollywood would want to play the role of Zhenya." However, due to illness, that too bit the dust. I placed in several contests, including Big Break and Fade In, as well as was top 10% Nicholls for Yin and Yang. Other interesting scripts are Somersaulting Over New York (family) and Better People (comedy) as well as an animated feature Kingdom of the Birds based on the great 14th-century Sufi Conference of the Birds.

I lived 11 years in Italy (Milan and Rome), 4 years in France (Paris and Antibes), about a year in Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow), as well as in New York and San Francisco. Now I am holed up in rural Northern California, without distractions, other than my bossy little white dog, Romeo (yes, the one in the Purebred poster).



Stage 32 - Recommended Writer


Nicholl Fellowship - Top 10% for
Yin and Yang
Stage 32 Family Friendly - Semi-Finalist for


Stage 32 - Recommended for
Yin and Yang

Scripts By Judith

Yin and Yang
Two rivals--an eager-to-please woman, just dumped by her husband, and a controlling ladies' man--enter into a passionate tug-of-war for the affections of a seductive, elusive, illegal Russian manicurist.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 114pp
Stage 32 - Recommended
Nicholl Fellowship - Top 10%
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Better People
Tired with technology, a high-powered Manhattan couple move to a tiny village in France to become better people but become obsessed when the old woman whose farmhouse they purchase refuses to die.
Feature Comedy For sale 120pp
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A double-Cinderella story set in the dog show world: a feisty, independent photojournalist whose life is invaded by a scruffy, unwanted, runaway dog, competes with a handsome, arrogant dog-trainer/breeder for the Best-in-Show title.
Feature Comedy, Family, Romance For sale 114pp
Stage 32 Family Friendly - Semi-Finalist
Stardust Family (pilot)
After the 1967 Summer of Love, a group of naive, idealistic hippies move to an abandoned farmhouse to start a commune as the locals set out to get rid of them.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 60pp