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Julia Petrisor

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Julia Petrisor
Hamilton, Canada

Writer, hypnotist, traveler, dreamer, coffee-lover. I've been ghostwriting non-fiction books for nearly a decade as I work towards developing in my craft as a screenwriter.

Currently for sale:

Temperance, a 99 page feature horror/thriller set in the Mojave desert. Please see my logline & synopsis, or download the screenplay. 

Sun Dogs, a 90 page feature horror/ thriller set in a northern forest in late fall. Please see my logline & synopsis, or download the screenplay.

I am interested in sharing stories that not only connect with an audience emotionally but also challenge the audience to recognize their own shadow side. I'm fascinated in the journey that takes a character from being percivably "good" to doing "bad" things.

To me, the power of story lies in its ability to see ourselves in the other, thereby breaking down our perceived differences and creating a unity in our humanity. We're all human, after all; we all face the same inner demons. 

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Scripts By Julia

Sun Dogs
After a teenage girl joins a wilderness therapy group, one by one the boys are killed, leaving the girls to survive alone in a forest where a Wendigo may also exist.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 90pp
1 reader loves this script
Sent to the high desert to write the memoir of an eccentric recluse, an uptight young ghostwriter must confront her own past while being faced with a terrifying invitation.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 99pp
1 reader loves this script