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Julian Martin
Des Moines, United States

Eh, we don't have to go into all that, now do we?  I have a fairly respectable day job but I do not write like a respectable person. Here are my professional goals:  

1. See at least one of my spec scripts made.  MAYBE direct some down the road.

2. Get script doctoring and screenwriting gigs.  Writer, co-writer, script doctor, it's all good.  

3. Continue writing occasional novels. 

4. Earn a reputation for being easy to work with.


Nicholl Fellowship - Top 20%
(Death's Brother)

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Scripts By Julian

Death's Brother
Haunted by nightmares of murdering his beloved family, a tech guru must hold onto his sanity while tangling with a homicidal internet cult.
Feature Horror For sale 99pp
Nicholl Fellowship - Top 20%
7 readers love this script
Damon's Inquiry
An unnatural murder leads to a strange friendship between the victim's brother and the demonic killer, who is being reluctantly pulled into a cabal of other demons on a mission to corrupt humanity.
Feature Action For sale 108pp
1 reader loves this script
What Slipped Away
A retired police officer reminiscing about his son in the park has discovered one more case, the worst he's ever faced.
Short Drama For sale 10pp
1 reader loves this script
Discovering that his long-lost mother ended up in porn, an angry young man plays angel and devil in pursuit of the truth, vengeance, and social prestige.
Feature Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery For sale 122pp
A vaudevillian trio of cosmic Ancients takes over America to lay a trap for a dark god on the loose who gets VERY angry when he's sober.
Feature Comedy For sale 90pp