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I write cause I want to. I write cause I love to. I write to forget the bad memories. When writing I escape into my own little world and I forget the troubles of the world. My imagination is that of a kid it runs wild and it's dirty. I'm a old dude with the brain of a child. I ain't that old I'm only a teen just finishing the final stage of puberty. I'm a legend in the making. I'm racing to catch my dream and I know I will come out victorious cause ain't nothing in this world can stop me from being the champ. I'm a hard worker, a curious student, and a mommy's boy. I believe in myself and I have faith in me that one day I will become one of the greats. My name Is Junior Mudimba and I'm a freaking screenwriter. 

Scripts By Junior

Psycho is forced to join a secret agency that investigates supernatural activities and is forced to cut all ties with his life
TV Pilot Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi For sale 44pp
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In a small town teen girls start disappearing without trace when their daughters become the latest victims Jane and Tammy hire a PI to help them find their daughters.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 17pp
Lisa and her family fall victim to a gang initiation ritual. She comes back from the dead and goes after the gang that killed her in a relentless bloody revenge.
TV Pilot Crime, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 24pp