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Kacie Devaney
Los Angeles, United States

I’ve loved writing ever since I was a kid. It came to me in short stories, songwriting, and poetry. I wrote my first play in Paris, France where I earned my BFA in Comparative Literature in 2013. From there, I set my sites on New York City where I worked professionally for five years as a playwright and multi-disciplined artist. My shows were accepted into nearly every festival in Manhattan you can google (no joke) and a handful of my works were nominated for best story, best choreography, and best original music. In 2018 I had the chance to move back to Paris and teach acting for the camera and playwriting, (I’m pretty much obsessed with France and consider myself a Francophile). In 2019, I turned my play, The Great Forgotten, (that had a sold-out run in the NYC International Fringe Festival) into a Pilot and in 2020 it landed in the hands of an A-list showrunner, producer, and writer in Hollywood. I moved back from Paris right before the pandemic hit as things were looking very good for my show—I attended a handful of exciting meetings in LA and then,  the day before I was going to sign my first big deal—this was in March, lock-down happened, and everything was put on hold. Many of us have similar stories right now. As we move into a new year, things are starting to progress again with my show. The Great Forgotten is a period piece set in World War One, France (surprise, surprise), and the Romping Roaring 20s in NYC. I have written a Pilot and three episodes to follow and recently started my first feature film, two short films, and another Pilot. My writing genre is all over the place though I love historic fiction. I look forward to sharing some of my scripts with you soon and reading your works. Writers need to stick together and support each other. I work closely with industry professionals in NYC and LA and I am a proud member of, NYWIFT.