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Kate Harbert
Austin, United States

Kate Harbert hails from Arlington, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys (confusing, I know) and the original Six Flags theme park. The daughter of average suburbanites, she found escape from the crushing humdrum of the Southern drawl life through the films of Guy Ritchie and Leslie Dixon. Inspired to become a unique filmmaker, she dedicated herself to learning the norms of the industry so that she might break them more fully and artistically. Forced to take a job at a bank in order to save up enough money for film school, she turned her attention to screenwriting, hand-scribing her first feature-length screenplay in between costumers. After nearly three years, she was able to afford the tuition to attend the Vancouver Film School in British Columbia, Canada, where she created multiple scripts that landed her nominations and awards at multiple festivals and competitions around the world. Kate is 24 and lives in Austin, Texas.

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Scripts By Kate

Sometimes things committed in the past truly have repercussions.
Short Horror For sale 8pp
2 readers love this script
Curtain Call
“Curtain Call" follows a touring company of a failing musical as they struggle with low ticket sales, insane crew members, and an unreliable cast.
TV Pilot Comedy, Music, Musical For sale 33pp
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