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Kathryn L. Scurry
Houston, United States

Kathryn L. Scurry also known as "Screenwriter" is a multi-genre screenwriter based in Houston, Texas. Growing up a native New Yorker, She has always had a taste for the arts dabbling in many different forms ranging from music, pastry arts to poetry.

Kathryn found her calling not too long ago while transitioning from the musical and pastry arts. One day she decided to enter a writing competition as a first-time screenwriter via Filmfreeway and the rest is history. She is known for her body of works that are now making its rounds through film festivals winning several awards ranging from "The Diamond Award" to "Honorable Mentions".

Kathryn has launched her official site "Lotus Fire Film Network", A company that will showcase a vast of Indie and Feature short films jumping off the first release of her project of 2018 "June's Baby Shower" releasing on her official site and "The On Channel". Her inspiration came from not only wanting to write and self-produce her own films but to also have a platform and distribution outlet. 

Scripts By Kathryn L.

Texas Shields
Four women deputies go on a manhunt for their mother’s killer and will stop at nothing to catch the bad guys and some stragglers along the way. Beware; They have an insatiable appetite for justice.
TV Pilot Action, Drama Seeking finance 57pp
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