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Kathryn Scurry

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Kathryn Scurry
Houston, United States

Hi. I’m Kathryn L. Scurry, musically known as Mz.Dyzihre. I am a Performer/ Songwriter and Screenwriter based here in Houston, Texas. I am currently working on a three-part movie series called "TROUBLE". Growing up a native Newyorker, Mz.Dyzihre has always had an imagination and taste for the arts.

TROUBLE "The Movie" 

This film is an edge of your seat thriller taking you through the ups and downs of love, lust, betrayal, manipulation, and murder are just some of what to expect. This film is followed by two other parts TROUBLE 2 "Kayla's Web" and TROUBLE 3 The Trilogy "Let It Rain" that is sure to captivate the audiences attention once again. The soundtrack will display different genres of Independent artist.



YEA / Your Entourage Agency



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