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Katie Burke is a musician, actor and screenwriter in Nashville, TN. Burke found acting and song at an early age realizing performance to be a great release and powerful expression she could share. After getting her degree in Theatre Arts from Stony Brook University, Burke then went on to pursue a further study of acting in New York City with the Tisch School Of The Arts MFA program. After being kicked out of grad school for her questionable mental health at the time, every creative needs a solid breakdown : ) Burke began playing her music on the streets and in the subways of NYC. Her music brought her to Nashville, TN where she began branching out into screenwriting and film production. In Nashville, music, acting, and writing have begun to unify together and have since blossomed her creative career into one that is innovative, unique and multi-faceted. Due to her fascination with people and behavior, Burke's work has range, versatility, and often unlocks the beauty that is to be found in the ugly and dark, with humor and grace.