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Katrina Jaxson
Los Angeles, United States

After one screenwriting class, Katrina jumped head first into the industry. Executive Producing her first script Mark 8:36, was a valuable lesson. Now, having worked 15 years at HBO, learning the industry and great story-telling inside and out, she’s ready to create captivating characters and stories that are multi-dimensional, clever, and most of all unforgettable.

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Scripts By Katrina

Raisin Men: Is my relationship worth saving?
Known for exposing men as bad husbands, a P.I. agency’s unorthodox mission gets complicated when one investigator’s beloved father becomes a target.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 61pp
2 readers love this script
Soundboard: Watch who you tell your darkest secrets to
A prim and proper psychiatrist begins to take on the promiscuous and ill-advised traits of her clients and must separate her personal life before her dark past comes back to haunt her.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 52pp
1 reader loves this script
BIH Please : Drastic times calls for Drastic Measures
After being fired on set, a frustrated and quick-tempered actress desperate to break into Hollywood, drastically changes her appearance to save her career and to avoid being blacklisted by Hollywood.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 34pp
1 reader loves this script
Lost & Found: Am I ready for the world to truly see me as my true self?
After losing her I.D., a transgender socialite is forced to embrace who she is or risk becoming a recluse.
Short Drama For sale 6pp
1 reader loves this script
Roadblox: How love for gaming, made me a millionaire
A 10-year-old boy genius learns that success requires whatever it takes, even if that means throwing your own family under the bus.
TV Pilot Family For sale 29pp