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Katya Stiletti

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Katya Stiletti
Paris, France

Lawyer, Human Rights Defender, Author, Screenwriter, I write fiction and creative non-fiction.

My works generally explore social, political and ecological danger zones.

Currently, I am searching for a producer for "HOT SPRING".

"HOT SPRING" is set in France, Australia and Italy. This Spec Script is in tune with events we're witnessing currently in France (e.g., Yellow Vests) & worldwide (e.g., freedom of press). Paris. 2018. Hot, sweltering summer with Revolution quietly sizzling under stone-paved streets... like an underground volcano... (125-page feature film or pilot to mini-series).

My writing background includes "JUSTE UNE GIFLE?" ("Just One Slap?") presented by the World Bank during LJD Week 2017. My book “AMARANTHINE HISTORICA” is a fun cyberpunk for young adults, involving ordinary tyrants and heroes, surprising clones and extraordinary robots.


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Scripts By Katya

Hot Spring
When an inscrutable female lawyer stricken by a 'misfortune trifecta' is ensnared in a labyrinth of deception and betrayal, she inadvertently destroys a corrupt political system and finds life's 'paradise' as a fugitive.
Feature Adventure For sale 110pp