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Kaye Koddy
Portland, United States

The first film I ever made featured my grandmother in a ghost story. She was the perennial star in our local community theater. It was always magical to me how my shy little grandma was transformed onstage into a brassy comedienne with drop-dead timing.

I often wondered what would have happened if she had abandoned her top-secret moon cookie recipe and kugel pans and run away to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune in the movies. Just like her heroines, the classic character actresses who started their film careers later in life and became favorite aunts, spinsters, and battle-axes in movies of the 30s and 40s--May Robson, Elizabeth Patterson, Beulah Bondi. And of course Marie Dressler, who was a sensation in silent movies, but once talkies came couldn’t find a lick of work. She was at a restaurant ordering her last meal, planning to suicide right after dessert, when a chance meeting with a producer led to a role in his next movie. Soon she was one of the biggest stars in the MGM pantheon.

I love how people can be reborn at any stage in life.

I’m devoted to comedy and especially to writing dynamic, fun roles for women. I’ve taught film history at colleges and developed a course on women in early film comedy. My essays and reviews have been published in film and media journals.