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Keith Copsin
Albuquerque, United States

A Bailiff for a Childrens Court Judge by day...A Youth Officer in the Juvenile Detention Center by night.

From the "Breaking Bad" streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico, I didn't get the football scholarship I dreamed of and have spent most of my life searching for my PUPOSE. Til one day I escaped the "hard life" and it's tempations and by "weird" syncronicities found myself in Los Angeles.  The syncronicities continued and I landed a job in the mailroom at Warner Brothers Studios. For the first time, this Albuquerque boy was exposed to the Movie world!   

Tired of the same ol movies being made, I decided to give it a try,  I taught myself how to write a script from and OLD FINAL DRAFT CD that was giving to me by a "Mysterious Stranger".

My creative lane is inspirational stories with a high concept spinal cored. I ALSO have a deep interest in Ancient History, Sci-fi, Mythology, Ancient Astronaut theories and quantum stargate ideas. 

The scripts to follow will be original stories of mine that are INSPIRATIONAL with a HIGH CONCEPT spinal cord.

I want to make new found purpose. Better late than never.

Keith "Big Jedi" Copsin



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Scripts By Keith

Seven Arrows
Escaping the streets of Albuquerque, Keith Copsin takes a job as a Youth Counselor in Arizona leading a team of boys from the Juvenile Detention Center on a modern day wagon train to Canada.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, Western For sale 116pp
2 readers love this script
Bulldog and Flower
A teenage gangbanger on his last strike befriends a young terminal cancer patient and helps her complete her bucket list while trying to earn his freedom.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 121pp