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Kelly Hughes
Seattle, United States

Kelly Hughes is a filmmaker from Seattle who got his start during the Grunge Rock era of the early ‘90s when he created the weekly anthology series Heart Attack Theatre for public access TV. His creative process has been explored in two documentaries (Heart Attack! and Hush…Hush, Nellie Oleson!), and his most recent documentary, Spanky Was a Punk Rocker, premiered at the Los Angeles Punk Rock Film Festival in September. He also hosts the 2-Bit Horror podcast, interviewing exploitation filmmakers and cult personalities, and is the director of Gorst Underground: An Exploitation Film and Punk Rock Festival.

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Scripts By Kelly

Lady Lucifer
A homeless groundskeeper takes a job with a wealthy widow only to realize human sacrifice is part of the job description, and his only way out is to beat her at her own satanic game.
Feature Horror Under Option 113pp
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Eyes of the Devil
After receiving an eye transplant, a wrongly accused felon goes berserk and breaks out of prison and hunts down the people who betrayed him, fuelled by a murderous spirit that now lives inside his head.
Feature Horror Under Option 85pp