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Kelly Parks
San Diego, United States

I'm America's only ex-CIA rocket scientist stand-up comic writer/director. By which I mean I'm a former aerospace engineer, a former professional stand-up comic, and a current computer programmer/filmmaker. My short sci-fi/horror film "Universal Dead" (starring Doug Jones, THE SHAPE OF WATER, HELL BOY, PAN'S LABYRINTH) won the grand prize at the LA WebFest. Other short films  include "The Crusader" (comedy), "Work Related" (dark comedy), "The Complaint" (sci-fi/comedy), and "Demon Protocol" (horror). All can be found on YouTube. 

Two scripts sold, two others optioned.

I wrote 10 feature screenplays so far. Contest results include:

Winner, TrackingB screenplay comeptition

Winner, International Horror & Sci-Fi Screenplay Competition

Semi-Finalist, Nicholl Fellowship Screenplay Competition

2nd Rounder, Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition

Finalist or Semi-finalist in a variety of other contests


Law Firm

Kaye & Mills


Kevin Mills

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