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Ken Halhober

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Ken Halhober
Orlando, United States

Once upon a time  young man found out he was a wizard the same day he held aloft a magic sword. That jerk stole my jacket.

HI, My name is Ken, everyone calls me Timber, and I have been writing in some way shape or form most of my life. I tend to stick to horror and action adventure, all with some comedic elements. I grew up on the true independent scene *At least true in my opinion* of Troma and Full moon films, so my stories are a bit... unorthodox, but  I do my best to write an entertaining and fun story along the way.


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Scripts By Ken

Louis Garou just found out he's a werewolf, is he also a serial killer? the first in an open universe series of movies.
Feature Action, Horror For sale 80pp
In a world of magic and mayhem, Ken Matchstick helps people, unless he has something better to do.
TV Pilot Adventure, Fantasy For sale 55pp
A long time ago Max Geeker went on his last killing spree. Now the killings have begun again. Is Max back, or is someone following family tradition?
Short Horror For sale 20pp